Helping build your business, one relationship at a time.

Oyster brings together a team of professionals and business leaders who have been recruiting executives into senior roles for some of New Zealand’s most high-profile organisations for over 20 years. Throughout this time we have gained insights, and knowledge of drivers that lead to successful outcomes across a range of industry sectors. While these vary from sector to sector, the single most important driver remains the same. Any business or organisation, regardless of shape, size, or sector, is only as strong as the quality of its people and its relationships. For us, a placement is not a transaction. It’s the beginning of an enduring, and mutually beneficial relationship.

Finding the right executive. A matter of good old-fashioned know-who.

All this talk of a global village is all well and good, until you have a high-level position to fill. At which point it can tend to revert back to seeming more like an entire planet. And you realise the old it’s not what you know it’s who you know chestnut contains more than a kernel of truth. But that’s ok, because you know us. And for the past 25 years, we have quite literally made it our business to know who’s who, across a broad range of sectors, on not only a local but also a national and international scale.

Fitting executives to positions, and families to locations.

At Oyster, we continually strive to create enduring relationships. When we fill a position, it has to work for everyone; not only the company and the executive, but for the people and family that are attached to the appointee. This becomes even more critical when there is relocation involved. Fail to get this right, and it can lead to an expensive, short-lived tenure. So we go to great lengths to get it right.

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